Parapet Wall Repair & Rebuilding

Parapet Wall Repair

if you are looking for Parapet Wall Repair in Chicago, call Jamar Masonry & Restoration for a free, competitive estimate. As a top-rated masonry company in Chicago, we take pride in restoring the original historic integrity of each project we work on. Parapet walls are low walls built along the edge of the roof, terrace, or balcony that play a vital role in the safety of the occupants. They can be made from metal, wood, brick, concrete, or cement. The constant exposure to the elements can degrade the structural integrity of the wall, causing water to leak into the building, leading to spalled and cracked mortar joints. If you suspect that your parapet walls are structurally compromised, contact us to properly assess the situation and provide a competitive estimate to restore the wall to its original status.

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It's a involved process

Repairing a parapet wall is a lengthy and involved process that goes through several stages. Assuming the wall has gone through significant deterioration and needs to be rebuilt, we first prepare the work area, dismantle the current structure, and rebuild the new parapet wall layer by layer. The costs for repairing/rebuilding a parapet wall can range anywhere between $20-$40 per square foot, depending on the extent of work required. Factors that affect the pricing include the scope of the project, the overall lineal foot of the parapet wall, the number of courses, the height of the building, and the type and style of copings used. Parapet walls are not load-bearing but are free-standing walls that extend upward past the roofline to prevent serious updraft during windy days.

What is the process for waterproofing a parapet wall?

Parapet walls are highly exposed to the elements, leaving all sides vulnerable to water damage. Properly sealing the wall from water is crucial to prevent premature deterioration. Since water is destructive, it must be prevented from penetrating the wall at all costs.

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waterproof wall

To effectively waterproof the wall, a waterproofing membrane is applied to prevent water from entering the masonry and keeping the roof dry. Various membranes are available, and one way to install them is by dressing the membrane to the edge of the wall and terminating it with a roof edge trim, or it can be done before capping the wall.

In addition to the membrane, proper copings must be installed to prevent water from running along the edge of the wall. If water is allowed to accumulate, it will cause more damage over time, and repairs will be more expensive. Properly waterproofing the wall is therefore critical.

We offer a wide range of

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From repairing terracotta to building new masonry structures, our experienced team has got you covered. Here are some of the services we provide:

Terracotta Repair

Our team specializes in repairing and restoring terracotta materials to their former glory.

Parapet Walls

We provide repair and restoration services for parapet walls, which are prone to damage from the elements.

Chimney Rebuilding

Our experts can rebuild your chimney, ensuring it is structurally sound and functioning properly.


We offer lintel repair and replacement services to ensure the structural integrity of your masonry.

Shelf Angles Replacement

Our team can replace shelf angles, which help support the weight of masonry.

Concrete Patching

We provide concrete patching services to fix cracks and other damage to your concrete structures.


Our experts can apply caulking to your masonry to prevent moisture intrusion and damage.


We offer welding services to repair and reinforce your masonry.

New Masonry Construction

We can build new masonry structures, including brick, blue stone, concrete, fire pits, glass blocks, indoor and outdoor fireplaces, limestone, natural and cultured stone.

Masonry Restoration

Our team can restore your masonry to its original beauty through masonry repair, tuckpointing, chimney repair and rebuild, efflorescence removal, and masonry cleaning.


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