Lintel, Beam or Channel Repair & Replacement

Lintel, Beam or Channel

Jamar Masonry & Restoration offers lintel repair services for all types of materials in Chicago. We specialize in repairing steel lintels that have extreme corrosion due to expansion, masonry wall section, and mortar line cracks. Signs of steel lintels in need of repair include motor cracks at corners of windows, doors, portals, and loose mortar pieces dropped from the joints. If there is no displaced section of the wall, replacement should not be complicated.

However, if mortar line cracks or displaced wall components are present, the damage may be challenging to fix and require complete reconstruction of the masonry section or wall. Filling openings and cracks with mortar and capping rusted lintels with aluminum or paint provides only a temporary aesthetic solution, as moisture trapped in the corroding steel can cause further expansion and damage.

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At Jamar Masonry & Restoration, we specialize in steel lintel replacement services in Chicago. Our team of experts will inspect your lintels and determine if they need repair or replacement. We are qualified to restore the surrounding masonry and replace damaged lintels, providing professional inspections and services based on years of experience. While concrete lintels are durable and can bear a significant amount of weight and torque, steel lintels may be a more reliable option for structures that need to support more weight than concrete can handle. Steel can withstand more compressive and tensile weight, making it a suitable material for heavy-duty applications.

We offer a wide range of

masonry services to meet your needs.

From repairing terracotta to building new masonry structures, our experienced team has got you covered. Here are some of the services we provide:

Terracotta Repair

Our team specializes in repairing and restoring terracotta materials to their former glory.

Parapet Walls

We provide repair and restoration services for parapet walls, which are prone to damage from the elements.

Chimney Rebuilding

Our experts can rebuild your chimney, ensuring it is structurally sound and functioning properly.


We offer lintel repair and replacement services to ensure the structural integrity of your masonry.

Shelf Angles Replacement

Our team can replace shelf angles, which help support the weight of masonry.

Concrete Patching

We provide concrete patching services to fix cracks and other damage to your concrete structures.


Our experts can apply caulking to your masonry to prevent moisture intrusion and damage.


We offer welding services to repair and reinforce your masonry.

New Masonry Construction

We can build new masonry structures, including brick, blue stone, concrete, fire pits, glass blocks, indoor and outdoor fireplaces, limestone, natural and cultured stone.

Masonry Restoration

Our team can restore your masonry to its original beauty through masonry repair, tuckpointing, chimney repair and rebuild, efflorescence removal, and masonry cleaning.


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